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If you already viewed our ABOUT-US page you’re probably interested in learning about booking us for your reception. Like everything else we do, we make it easy, and with no risk.

Just fill out the form on the right side, and click the “Send Me The Packet” button at the bottom.  When you do this we’ll immediately place your date on hold and send you a no-obligation agreement for you to review with your fiancé. You’ll be able to take the necessary time to make sure we’re the right fit for you, all the while knowing you won’t lose your date. Again, there’s no risk, and nothing to sign now. What could be easier?

Other Resources:

Wedding Reception Finalization Packet

The above packet (the wedding reception finalization packet) doesn't need to be filled out and returned to our office until two weeks prior to your reception. Clicking the above link will open the packet in a new window and will allow you to print it.

Testimonials / Recommendations

The above testimonials link will open in a new window, so you can read or print it it out for later review.

Service Coverage Area / Traveling

Not sure if your reception will be held outside of our coverage area? Click the link above to find out what cities are local, and our cost for additional travel distance.

Paperwork Mailing Address:

   Acclaimed Entertainment
   229 Lafferty Street
   Jeannette, PA 15644-1855

Contact Info:


Click the orange arrow to play the 48-minute documentation audio CD that is mailed to potential customers without web access.

IMPORTANT: If you start playing the CD, do not leave this page or fill out the form, as it will end the CD playing and you will not be able to resume it later.



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    (click small calendar above to select date)
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    This is normally the time when the first guests arrive & soft music should begin (normally 4,5 or 6pm). This starts the 5 hours included with the $390 price. The time you enter here will be when your DJ will be completely done setting up their equipment and will start playing the background music you will later choose in the wedding reception finalization packet.
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    This is usually exactly one hour after the guest arrival time above. Not sure? Remember you can always change anything later when dealing with us, so make your best guess.

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    This is usually one hour after the dinner start time above. Unsure? Make your best guess now, you can always change it later.

  • :
    This time should be 5 hours later than the reception start time above. Additional hours past 5 are $60 each. This may be added on now, or if unsure, add it the night of the reception. It is not necessary to extend it now, you may leave it at 5 hours and extend later.

  • Note: You may leave the next line
    blank if your name is listed above.
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  • (such as the grand ballroom, etc.)


  • (highly Interactive recommended)


    The package add-ons below are explained in great detail in our about page video. It is not necessary to add these now, you can add them at anytime later.
  • This dance floor lighting package does
    an excellent job of lighting the entire dancefloor with multicolored flood-style lighting that changes colors with the music style & number of dancers. It is attractive, formal, & appropriate for all venues.
  • As explained in the about page video, this option places four speakers, one in each corner of the reception room. It elliminates most sound problems in large rooms, such as guests in the front having it too loud while guests in the rear cannot hear.
  • The bubble generator system throws hundreds
    of bubbles out on to the dancefloor, and then a high-powered blower carries the bubbles to
    the ceiling and all corners of the dance area.
    Used on occasionally through the evening, it
    always gets "ooohs" and "aws". Great for the
    end of the bridal party dance (& photos).
  • Nightclub lighting options: We offer the widest variety of nightclub style lighting to add that special kick to your reception. While this type of lighting is not the norm for elegant weddings, prices start at just $25, and go way up to our mobile nightclub system. If you're at all interested in this type of lighting, you can call our office at anytime later to discuss your vision.

    You are not committing to anything now. When you click the SEND-ME-THE-PACKET button below, we’ll immediately place your date on hold and send you a no-obligation agreement subject to your approval.

    Then knowing your date is on hold, you can take the necessary time to talk with your fiance to make the best decision for you, with no pressure... So take the first step, click the button below and get started! After you do it, we'll send you an email explaining the next step in putting together the most fun and well planned reception your friends and family have ever attended.