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Our local coverage area is 50 miles driving distance from zip code 15644 to the zip code of your reception facility. In other words, we permit up to 100 miles of driving (that's both ways) at no additional cost. Additional miles over 100 are $2/mile (roundtrip)

To find out if your reception city is in our local area, google "Jeannette PA to ReceptionCity PA". Google will return the exact mileage city to city.  Double the mileage google returns to get the total roundtrip distance. If the total distance is 100 miles or less, there is no travel fee.  If the total roundtrip distance is over 100 miles, we charge $2/mile for the excess miles.

Note: When calculating the travel surcharge, be sure:   (1)  to multiple the distance by two to get the roundtrip distance,  and (2) only multiply the $2 by the miles in excess over the 100 free miles.  So for example if your reception is in Brookville PA, which is 87 miles from Jeannette PA, you know you are over the 50 mile local area.  Multiply these 87 miles by 2 to get the total roundtrip mileage of 174 miles, and then subtract the free 100 miles, to find the excess of 74 miles.  Then multiply $2 by the 74 miles to get the $148 travel surcharge. This covers the entire 3-hours roundtrip driving expenses as well as the DJ's time.

Want us to do the calculation for you? Send us an email to

Why do we have a travel surcharge?  We try our very best to keep prices as low as possible, so to be able to pass the savings along to our customers. This is why our advertising is targeted to the "Greensburg to Pittsburgh" areas (as stated at the top of this web page).  That being said, our local area of 50-miles surpasses Greensburg and Pittsburgh by far to make it highly unusual for a customer to need to pay a travel fee.  That being said, we do understand that at times customers want to know if we can travel. Not only have we sent our disc jockeys to far away places such as Philadelphia PA, but we've sent them to West Virginia, and even Ohio and Michigan.  Our travel surcharge is in place not only to pay for the additional gas and vehicle expenses, but also to pay the disc jockey for their valuable time.  The included 100 miles averages 2 hours total driving time by itself.